Go Be a Kid!

make this season a blast!

Jumbo Size Dartboard

Double sided - same as a regular size dartboard except you can play:
Side A
- Foot darts - kick a soccer size ball onto the board
- Volley darts - Spike a volleyball size ball onto the board
- Golf darts - putt a tennis size ball onto the board
Side B
- Test your football throwing skills
- Test your frisbee throwing skills
Call out whoever you need to call out and settle it on this jumbo size bad boy!

- Game props for both sides
- Blower
- Drop off
- Set up
- Pick up
- Staff member onsite (additional surcharge)

Item by itself = $400.00
As an add-on = $300.00
Generator surcharge (if required) $100.00

Archery Tag

What is Archery Wars?
Archery Wars is an exciting remix of school yard tag, paintball, archery and dodgeball! This newest party rental game is great for all kinds of events.
Unlike some other sports, the only safety equipment required to play Archery Wars is a facemask. Players experience virtually no pain when âœtagged❠with our Archery Wars arrows. Best of all, unlike paintballs, our arrows leave no welts, bruising, or marks, making it fun and safe for players!

- 5 vs 5
- 10 bows
- 50 arrows
- 10 facemasks
- 4 bunkers
- cones
- flags
- Ref on site

1.5 hours = $350.00
2.5 hours = $450.00
4 hours = $600.00

Jumbo human tracks

Jumbo human tracks is a very visual Team Building event with up to 4 teams racing at the same time. Teams compete against the clock to complete the course staying inside the tracks.
Ideal team building game which requires team work, leaders & communication skills.

4 tracks
1.5 hours = $350.00
2.5 hours = $450.00
5 Hours = $600.00

Team skis

Up to 4 teams
5 players per team
It is the ideal activity to create sync between your team, communication is key and you must be able to lead and listen

4 Sets
1.5 hours = $350.00
2.5 hours = $450.00
5 hours = $600.00.

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